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Actual Project  

Youhanabad – Diocese of Lahore/Pakistan

Field or sector:

Growth, encouragement and  progress of children and youth

Project Title:

Kindergarden, Day Care and Home Economic Center

Background and reason for the project:

The Centre is located in Youhanabad, 17 km from the center of Lahore, close to the Indian border. Youhanabad is also the largest Christian community in Pakistan, with ten thousand families. Most of the men are craftsmen, sanitary workers and daily laborers. They earn around one hundred rupees a day, less than two euros. The costs of living are very high, because families mostly live in rented houses. Both parents must work in order to get some income to cover their daily expenses. Most of the Christians are poor and have no special affiliation. They lack support. Education is also a problem. Many adults, especially women and children, remain illiterate because they cannot pay the school fees. However, without education and formation, there will be no change or improvement in their lives.

Apart from the livelihood of our Christian people, lives are also badly affected by discrimination and violence. Some of the Christians are displaced due to fear. They lose their daily wages, so badly needed for living. Young boys and girls are utterly neglected; no one gives them a helping hand. Since 1997, the Salvatorian Sisters are engaged in the growth, encouragement and  progress of children and youth by providing  opportunities for them to obtain formation and learn skills that will enable them to earn a living as well as support their families.


Project Goals:

To help poor working parents to work without worry by taking care of their children between the ages 2and 6 years in the kindergarden and a day care center

To provide training and education for the children and to also create an interest in education for the parents

To provide a healthy, pleasant and secure environment for the children's growth

To provide education and training in various skills in our Home Economic Center so that the learners will be self-sufficient in near future.

To help the learners gain a life of dignity and bring them up to an acceptable standard in society

To educate the learners human and religious values for the sake of their futures

Develop a "Home Economics and Sewing Center" for uneducated and illiterate youth that will teach:

Hand and machine embroidery

Ribbon embroidery

Dress making

Knitting and crochet

Cookery and cake making

Fabric painting

Handicrafts with leather

Beauty culture

Adult literacy

Catechism (faith formation)

Family and child health care

Home management


Urdu Classes, Mathematics, Reading

Develop a "Day Care Center" for the children of working parents that will teach:

Basic English, Urdu and Mathematics

Colours and shapes

Singing and Dancing

Hand work

Indoor and outdoor games


About 160 children (including Kindergarden), girls and young women are the beneficiaries of this project and programs.


Day Care Center:
35 children between the ages of 3 and 6 years
Annual budget = € 6.000.–

Home Economic Centre:
60 girls and young women from 15 up to 21 years
Annual budget = € 7.246.–

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