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Actual Project  

Cebu – Philippines

Field or sector:

More space for educational activities

Project Title:

Multi-Purpose Hall for children and their families at the Salvatorian School

Background and reason for the project:

The sisters founded the Salvatorian School Cebu in 2006. In the beginning, the school had three classrooms on the ground floor.  In 2010, the sisters built another three classrooms on the second floor of the existing building.  These classrooms are convertible into an activity hall where school meetings, activities and celebrations occur. This is now the eleventh year of the school’s operation and the enrollment has increased from 25 to 136 pupils. The faculty and staff now use part of the activity hall as classroom space.

The school aims to provide the best formation for children.  The existing playground is very small and limited. At this time, it does not have enough space for the students of the school.  The construction of the multi-purpose hall, with more space for activities and sports, can be a help to gain more learning because the school upholds a play-based curriculum. The school also wants to accommodate more pupils in the future.
The school accepts children between the ages of 2.8 and 6 years who are willing to learn with fun and in a child-welcoming environment that enhances growth. Children in this age are discovering more about themselves. They are outgoing and have an affective ability to express desires, feelings and, in addition, to ask questions.  Likewise, the children of the Salvatorian School are encouraged to express themselves, to sharpen their senses and to expand their level of awareness.
The children are from the middle, lower-middle and lower income families.  Fifty percent of the pupils are from poor families.  Solicited benefactors support these poor families. 

The maximum number of pupils in one class is twenty, with a teacher and a teaching assistant. The school is far away from commercial centers, industrial factories, movies and traffic noise, which frees the children from various disturbances.  The school currently has only a small open space for the playground that will help develop the large-muscle development of the child and other aspects of learning.  The curriculum reflects the philosophy of the program and goals for children. The school has a block center, a reading center, a drama center and an art and music center.  The classrooms are designed to increase a sense of freedom and to provide a balance, diversity and organization to the child’s day.  Each classroom combines children’s interests with complimentary activities and materials.
Project Goals:

The proposed project of building a new multi-purpose hall hopes to achieve the following objectives:

To provide more space for the increasing number of children enrolled in the crowded school that cannot currently accommodate these pupils. The new hall will also provide a place for parents` meetings and other courses for parents, such as educational skills, health, nutrition, family life and care.

To address the needs of children who are developing their fine and large-motor skills, as well as to use the space for other learning activities. The hall will make their learning more interesting.     

To support the highly motivated parents who have expressed their desire and interest to send their children to the school.  They believe that this school provides a holistic education, Christian values and a child-friendly environment important in the children’s formative years. 

A. Pre Planning Phase:

A technical meeting of the Salvatorian (SDS) project management committee to agree on the following:


technical design / blue print


materials with specifications

duration (project start date and date for completion)

total cost of the project
terms of payment
procedure for turnover

B. Phase II: Project Implementation

The SDS project management committee will do the overall supervision of the project with the help of the contractor.  Regular meetings of the SDS project management team and the contractor for the project will occur to ensure immediate feedback. The SDS project management committee will be visible at the project site to ensure effective monitoring and that all agreed-upon specifications are followed.




The SDS Project Management Committee will produce a progress report about the development and implementation of the project. The Committee will submit this report to the SDS Regional Office and to the funding partner for the project as soon as the project is completed.  The Committee will also incorporate a financial report into the project report.


About 140 children and their parents and families.


Total = €136.700,–

Grants or Funds: €128.000,– has already been granted.
€  18.700,– still needed and requested!
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