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Actual Project  

Lupaso, District Mtwara – Tanzania

Field or sector:

Vocational training

Project Title:

Building a new carpentry workshop for boys and purchasing sewing machines and tools for tailoring classes for girls at the Lupaso training center. 

Background and reason for the project:

The Lupaso Vocational Training Center is located 45 km from the town of Masasi, in the region of Mtwara in the southwest area of Tanzania.
The center is located in a rural area surrounded by five villages. Most of the people living in the villages belong to very poor families. Most of the young people who join our center are HIV positive, but we feel obligated to take care of them.  There is low employment.  The food that the people harvest will only meet their personal needs. We can observe a lack of education because of poverty.
At this time, we face the following challenge: we do not have a suitable workshop room for practical work. Our students are working outside; the space and equipment are very poor and limited. Therefore, until now, we have not yet registered the center with our government.  Thus, we will have   a problem during final examinations.  Our students are doing all of their learning (theory and practical lessons) in our school, but, for the final examination, they must move to another school about 90 kilometers away in order to be registered for the final exams.

Another main challenge is that there are many poor people living in the villages nearby. After finishing primary or secondary school, their children need education, especially the young boys and girls who can then help their parents and themselves. In this area, our vocational training center is the only place that can offer ongoing formation and can help to improve the future life of the younger generation. It is our responsibility and wonderful opportunity to serve these people by offering them an education that will help them in their future lives to become self-sustainable.
Project Goals:

To improve quality of life and a spirit of self-employment among the youth:

To avoid the loss of (much) time caused by a shortage of work tools

To eradicate the problem of “street children”

To enforce a spirit of self-employment 

To reduce the terrible situation of poverty in Tanzanian society,
particularly within the Diocese of Tunduru Masasi

To register officially and to offer final examinations at the Lupaso Vocational Training Center.

Construction of a new carpentry workshop with suitable equipment

Renovation of the tailoring classes, including the purchase of additional equipment (thimbles, trimming scissors, tracing wheel, cutting shears, electrical iron, overlock sewing machines, button hole sewing machines, zigzag sewing machines, treadle sewing machines, electric sewing machines and dress button machines

Beginning computer classes for the students

Planning new programs and courses

Planning for more boarding space, especially for young boys and girls coming from far away

About 85- 100 boys and girls between 14 and 17 years in the carpentry and sewing Center


Total= €23.595,–

Purchasing sewing machines and tools:               €8.390,–
Construction of the workshop room:                  €15.205,–

Grants or Funds: €18.000,– already granted
€5.595,– are still needed and requested!
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