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Kolwezi  - Democratic Republic of Congo

Field or sector:

Medical service

Project Title:

Equipment for the new Maternity: AFIA Center

Background and reason for the project:

AFIA is a health care center operated and managed by the Salvatorian Sisters.
Open for everybody: children, women, men – and has the services of consultation and medical treatment with specialization for mother-child care, deliveries, pregnancy advice etc. Walk-in consultation is available. However, patients can also stay for few days for special treatments.

Women, after delivery, are normally admitted for 2-3 days for observation if all goes well. The center has one room with six beds for the women, a very simply-equipped delivery room, one room for consultation etc.

Seventeen people work in the AFIA Center including 1 sister and 1 postulant, 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 1 laboratory assistant and several helpers/staff.

Every week on Thursday, there is a special course for mothers to inform and prepare them for the delivery and other subjects related to delivery, such as provision and nutrition. The process of teaching is not easy because most of the women are not able to read or write.

Beside the existing maternity and health care center another house exists (built in 2014) which will be the new maternity. This house was made because of the increasing number of women who came because of the good reputation and well-known medical service by our team. However, our resources are limited. We need to begin to work in the new maternity building but, until now, there is no equipment. We have to find the needed funds and a sponsorship in order to begin. This needs to be done soon, in order to avoid having the building fall into disrepair.

Project Goals:

To increase the number pregnant women and deliveries

To provide a better quality during examinations, treatment and care for the mother and child in order to reduce complications and other problems related to delivery

Consultation and surgery for mother and children

Pregnancy advise


Medical treatment

Mothers and children, families in the area of Kolwezi


Purchase of 16 beds for the maternity and 16 mattresses
Medical equipment and devices for the treatment room and delivery  =  14.800.–

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