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Actual Project  

Archdiocese of Feira de Santana - Brazil

Field or sector:

Integral formation of young people

Project Title:

To train youth leaders and advisors from the parishes of the Archdiocese of Feira de Santana

Background and reason for the project:

This project brings, in a didactically-organized way, the proposals and wishes of the Youth Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Feira de Santana, as presented in a formation structure called the Youth School Dom Hélder Câmara. The school is a space for living, studying, prayer and mission carried out for youth and young adults, helping them in their decision-making, as well as teaching them the importance of organizations at the ecclesial, social and political levels without losing sight of the autonomy and promotion of the human person. In addition to addressing themes related to religious formation (Bible, Mission, etc.), the proposal of the Youth School is to provide a holistic formation whereby the young in our project create other themes of great value for the lives of the young members who are in our pastoral care.  These themes include topics such as affectivity, sexuality, self-knowledge, personal history and other thoughts of young people, including an analysis of the reality as seen from the perspective of the young.
Dom Hélder Câmara Youth School aims to strengthen the identity and proposals of the Youth Ministry and deepen its fundamental aspects so that students might play a greater role in grassroots groups and be critically inserted into society. The students will be oriented toward the values of solidarity, respect, cooperation, justice and love of Jesus Christ for humanity.

The young people who participate in the Archdiocesan Youth School come from different ecclesial realities. They are from urban and rural areas.  The city itself is home to the Archdiocese which has approximately 600,000 people (Feira de Santana), including smaller cities with populations ranging from 6,000 to 45,000 people.

The realization of the Dom Hélder Câmara Youth School´s proposal enables us to know more deeply this complex and particular social group consisting of youth and young people.   This population is a large part of the spectrum of Brazil. The levels of violence in this reality are alarming, especially in suburban neighborhoods. Those who suffer most are poor and black persons who are deprived of minimum social rights. As persons engaged in Youth and Young People Pastoral work and as Church, we take up the banner against violence, against the extermination of black youth and against the reduction of the penal age.
Project Goals:

To train youth leaders and advisors from the parishes of the Archdiocese of Feira de Santana, strengthening the identity and proposals of the Youth Pastoral, for a greater role in the parish base groups and politically critical insertion in society, guided by the values of solidarity, Respect, cooperation and justice in the construction of the Life project guided by the Civilization of Love.


To train leaders based on the methodology of the PJ

To accompany youth groups as they become educated in the Faith, as well as to work with the youth, with emphasis on holistic formation,

To strengthen the identity and spirituality of the Youth Ministry in the Archdiocese of Feira de Santana within parishes and within grassroots groups

To value pastoral and community experiences that create friendships, sense of mission, service, sharing, solidarity and prayer for a greater experience in adhering to the person of Jesus

To encourage young people to participate in social and ecclesial activities, guided by the principle that youth should be protagonists in the construction of a civilization built on love

To conduct a seminar against violence and extermination of youth.

50 parish coordinators and co-ordinating members of youth groups
who are 15-29 years of age

10 young employees in various support teams;

15 workshops (facilitators), who will assist in the project

Food, lectures/workshops, materials, rent = US$ 15,000.00 = € 3.970,– per year

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