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We are pleased that you reached this page, that you participate and that you are motivated to support our work. Support us: SHARE GLOBAL

We Salvatorian Sisters are only a small Congregation but this is also probably our strength. We are internationally organized and we know each situation. We give support wherever our Sisters work according to their competencies.  It is very important for us that our Sisters are professionally trained and qualified in various fields. Our Rule of Life tells us that we are to live a simple life next to the poor and to be universally engaged.

When you contribute to our work with financial support, you help to sustain it because we do not forget about projects. Our plans are supported by our congregational network as well as by an international network of foundations and relief organizations invested in our projects, as well as by generous persons, an increasing community of friends, well- disposed people and donors who support us financially. Become a part of this network. Support us: SHARE GLOBAL

As an example, our Sisters are committed everywhere in the world to combat human trafficking, above all trafficked women. We are engaged in this action in several different ways in many countries. We also have three Sisters, one from Germany and two from Sri Lanka, who assist and support migrant women living in precarious situations in Jordan. These women were recruited in Asia and in Latin America as domestic workers and factory workers. We do also prevention work, for example, through raising awareness in the home countries of these women, women, who, in turn, support us in this work. We try at the same time to create income-generating alternatives to migration, so that people in their home countries will have a future and families will not be torn apart. Support us: SHARE GLOBAL

On this website, you have become familiar with five areas where we Salvatorian Sisters mainly put our focus and you have seen our actual projects to be promoted. Occasionally there are also construction plans and signs of infrastructure (such as schools and hospitals, electrification, etc.) that, first of all, require larger amounts of financial support.  However, there are also smaller initiatives that need a lesser amount of financing, (for example, micro-credits or scholarships) in order to bring about a positive development.

When we start a project, our research is, first of all, for our own resources, teamwork and the possibility of involvement with people.  We do not work for people.  Rather we work with them.   Very often the project is preceded by awareness-raising and sensitization work. Projects that we consider should always set a good example.  Many people should be able to join in.  The projects should be effective at a regional level and not create frictions, but rather, bring reconciliation and peace.



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Our bank details:
Suore del Divin Salvatore
Bank Account:
IBAN: DE36370601930056332030