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Our bank details: Suore del Divin Salvatore
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IBAN: DE36370601930056332030

There is no alternative to charity.
Pope Francis

It is important for us to collaborate with you to fulfil your objectives.   Support us: SHARE GLOBAL

You are an NGO or a foundation that promotes projects according to your certain criteria. We are committed to be transparent, to be in dialogue, to collaborate with you, to report and to give an accounting. We provide to you, as agreed, information and photo materials for your public relations work.

You take into consideration a bequest to charity that may, after your death, bring good as well as give the possibility of many people having a life with dignity. We will arrange with you all the juridical details. It is an honour for us to fulfil your personal wishes, as, for example, a prayer said regularly or a tablet made in memory of you.

You are a company that wants to show your basic convictions in a company culture, in the CI, through your self-image and in public relations and marketing. We find a project that fits into your setting and we indicate within our public relations work your commitment.

As a union, as a World Fair Trade organization, or as a parish, you want to commit yourself to a concrete project, to be in solidarity and to enter into lively contact with people from another culture who are facing a socially difficult situation. We mediate for you the desired contact and support you in your efforts.  Also, through our national offices, we help you to build a partnership and to cultivate it. In this way, a constellation of reciprocal visits can be created

You want, for reasons of gratitude and out of a sense of personal responsibility, to give something of your estate to our one world and invest in a meaningful project. We are happy to advise you.

If you did not find a project on this website that meets your wish, please contact us by phone or e-mail.



Sisters of the Divine Savior
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Salvatorian Sisters Solidarity Office
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Our bank details:
Suore del Divin Salvatore
Bank Account:
IBAN: DE36370601930056332030

Salvatorian Sisters Solidarity Office
Yvonne Schmelzer

Schönblickstraße 6
I-39012 Meran - ITALY

Phone: +39 0473 498 703
E-Mail: y.schmelzer@share-global.org