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Education & Formation

  Health Care
  Empowerment of Women & Families
  Protection of Nature
  Pastoral Care


In collaboration with the Salvatorian Sisters as well as responsible collaborators in the Mission Offices of Europe and in the USA, SHARE GLOBAL works so that effectiveness and sustainability can be strengthened and improved in the fields of pastoral work and pastoral care, formation and education, healthcare as well as the promotion of women.

The tasks of SHARE GLOBAL are:

  • Support for conceiving and developing programs and projects as well as the monitoring of the application procedure

  • Mediation between the project partners, with their desires, objectives and expectations

  • Accompaniment of the content when implementing and evaluating the projects, including their results, especially concerning effectiveness and sustainability

  • Strengthening of public relations work and promotion of the actions and presence of the Salvatorian Sisters worldwide

  • Providing temporary and permanent training to the Sisters and local collaborators in the respective countries, including transmission of techniques and strategies in order to meet the increasing demands in the field of project planning and realization.

Building and solidification of sound relations with relief organizations, private donors and founders, as well as supporters of the economy and the craft.


Sisters of the Divine Savior
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Education & Formation

Health Care

Empowerment of Women & Families

Protection of Nature

Pastoral Care


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