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Actual Project  

Iluppaikulam – Sri Lanka

Field or sector:

Care for children with traumatic experiences

Project Title:

Agriculture and Home Gardening

Background and reason for the project:

The Salvatorian Children’s Home is situated at Iluppaikulam in the Mannar District within the Cheddikulam Division. The purpose of this home is to give shelter, protection, education, psychological help, and social and spiritual assistance to girls whose parents are the victims of the thirty-year civil war in northern Sri Lanka.   The home was opened in 2010 after the civil war finally came to an end.

Project Goals:

The vision of our children’s home and the planned project is: To give hope, enable quality of life
and accompany the children towards wholeness.

Because these children have endured traumatic experiences, (seeing the deaths of their loved ones and others who had fled to protect their own lives, etc.), they are in need of trauma counseling and therapies that would eventually help them to become free from all fears and tensions.

We do make many efforts to meet the children’s needs. Our efforts include home gardening, a project that we are currently doing on a minor scale.  Later our hope is to create a paddy field and a poultry farm because we have 1.5 acres of well-protected land.   We also have a parapet wall and enough water.

Preparing the garden plot and the paddy field with good, fertile soil

Purchasing equipment: water pump, hoses and other gardening tools

Purchasing seeds and plants

Developing programs in agriculture and home gardening for 25 girls
Approximately 25 girls plus the people of the village

The program will help to relieve the tension of the girls, especially their fears caused by trauma.

The girls will learn cultivation. 

The girls will produce their own vegetables and fruits, thus helping them to be self-sufficient.

The program will use bio production.  The fruits and vegetables will be free from all chemicals.

The project is, by its very nature, friendly to the environment. 

Earth preparation, landscaping, equipment, fruit plants, vegetable and fruit seeds and the gardener’s salary:  €4.340,–

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