Training Courses for Women

In the last ten years, the Social Foundation Mary of the Apostles has been developing training projects and formation in favour of the advancement of women in Cali City. This neighbourhood is characterised by a situation of vulnerability, because of displacement by the armed conflict. It is an area that has become over the years a popular district. Unfortunately, the administrators do not take training and promotion of the population seriously, especially not that of women.

In Colombia, women are still living in hard situations. They have to grapple with inequality, difficulties in the supply of work, low payment and also problems to access vocational education. Sixty per cent of women have an informal job and therefore, no pension and health insurance.

Faced with this reality, we seek to train all the women participating in the training offered by the Social Foundation Mary of the Apostles. The purpose is to promote income-generating initiatives that allow them to support better their families.

Through courses, they get tools for work and also for their human and spiritual formation, which makes them better human people and better parents for their children. The project aims to promote, training courses for women, adolescents, young people, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, single mothers and housewives. The main goal is to support all women living in the neighbourhoods of the Northwest of the Commune 18, the poor area of the city of Cali.

Beneficiaries are all the women of Cali city who want to participate at the courses.

Annual costs around 5.350 euros.

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