"The planet is exhausted!
As the world population has been continuously growing
and the life standard in many countries has been rising,
the ruinous exploitation of nature goes relentlessly ahead."

Responsible care and use of the goods entrusted to us, the protection of nature, the use of natural resources such as water, wind and sun power, simple life style and reduced consumerism – all these are topics that are touching more and more people living in the countries of the southern hemisphere.

Together with our Sisters and in collaboration with advisers on site, we make an effort to inform  people about these issues. In these poor areas, drought or floods and other natural disasters cause harvests to be completely destroyed. Such topics are more likely to be unreasonably demanding rather than encouraging.

But all starts with the little things in daily life: the gift of clean drinking water as well as its conservation and economical use, collecting rainwater in newly-constructed cisterns and rainwater tanks, reducing power consumption by installing solar panels in schools, dispensaries and convents.

Responsible care also involves the training of farmers in alternative growing methods for fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs and the use of land so that it is used wisely and protected from erosion, thus ensuring a supply of groceries.

Pope Francis reminds us in his encyclical letter 'Laudato Si' that the concern for nature, justice towards the poor, the commitment to society and inner peace are inseparably connected. Let us follow his invitation to live a joyful, authentic and integral ecology.


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