"At sunset, all who had people sick with various diseases
brought them to him.
He laid his hands on each of them and cured them."
Luke 4:40

Dedication to the weak and to the sick, with their physical and spiritual infirmities, plays a central role in Jesus’ work. He takes the sick, the suffering and the excluded from the margins to the center and returns people to their dignity. He heals everyone.

Throughout the world, above all in the countries of the southern hemisphere, public health service is insufficiently developed. Prepared physicians, nursing personnel, medicine and medical devices are lacking.

Particularly in Africa, we constructed dispensaries and pharmacies. We are committed to places where people need a one-day-trip to find doctors, where too many mothers are still dying when giving birth and many children do not receive vital vaccinations.

We often work in places where only a few people are available to help, for example, in the Congolese hinterland. We are always attentive to see that every person coming to us receives help, even if he/she cannot afford treatment to the full amount.

Even in the midst of maternal and infant mortality, insufficient nutrition and malnutrition, tropical diseases and virus infections, spiritual sickness and disability, our health services and health institutions welcome everyone. When facing fragile moments of life and when the issue is about life and death, social origins and
religious background are not considered.


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