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Empowerment of Women & Families

Cali, Department Valle - Colombia. Training Courses for Women 
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Help for traumatized girls in Sri Lanka through agriculture and Home gardening  
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Improvement and development of cultivating sunflowers – supporting families in the local village with a microcredit program.    more .....


Empowerment of Women & Families

"Women are equal to men called by God."
Therese v. Wüllenweber

"Only you can determine if you want to be valuable or valueless!" Sr. Sonia P. Thomas, SDS

Women represent half of the global population. But they have two thirds of all working hours. And for this, they receive only one tenth of world income and own just one percent of the world’s property. In some places, women often have no right of ownership at all. They cultivate most of the land but they own less than 20 percent of it. According to statistics, women have no equivalent access to loans, saving accounts or insurance.

Disregard for and discrimination against women in many countries and cultures is the order of the day. A decisive factor when women are disadvantaged is their unequal chance to receive education. Therefore we take care of the girls so that they receive the same educational possibilities as boys, especially in countries where this is not obvious.
In these countries, women do not have the same rights as men and are exposed to particular disadvantages. We sustain them, protect them and strengthen them.

We create perspectives for all mothers, married or single, who have to invest all of their income for food, their children’s education and better health conditions for their families. These women receive basic reading and writing skills, as well as trainings in health and topics of hygiene.  After receiving an initial financial credit, some women founded a small sewing workshop.  Here they sew dresses or school uniforms and, in this way, achieve their own income.

We create the reliable bases that strengthen inner strength, creativity and self-confidence for women in every social class of society.  This inner strength helps women to come out of their shells and face challenges with new self-confidence. They can take over the leadership; they can become ambassadors of peace and bring social change to their families, to other women and to society.

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