A peculiarity of our Congregation is – and always has been –
that we combine our apostolic service with the exercise of a profession, thus using the abilities of our members to respond
to the needs of our time.

Like our Foundress Mary of the Apostles,
we seek and strive to give signs of hope and life
in an increasingly secularized world.

At present there are about 1000 professed members in the Congregation. They live and work in 27 countries worldwide.

Young women who are accepted as candidates into the community can look forward to a sound and holistic education. The one-year postulate is followed by a two-year novitiate. This alternates between life in community with an introduction to the Congregation and practical experience in nursing, pastoral and social work, etc.

The young members should experience the reality in which people live today as directly as possible.

We want the personality of each young woman to mature - spiritually and humanly. She should be qualified for her later task and work in the social and cultural contexts of the respective country. Only in this way can she respond to the signs of the times and the needs of the people


For a lifetime

Skills and practical experience acquired before entering the Congregation should of course also be fostered. This can range from craft and artistic professions to pastoral care and science.

Whoever wants to become a Salvatorian sister decides to serve people - for a lifetime.

Salvatorian women are never "finished". It is always necessary to adjust to the changes in life and to learn anew - for a lifetime

Only in this way can they work as apostles, as proclaimers of the Good News, and quite concretely as teachers, doctors, social workers, as women for hope and life - as Salvatorians - in service and for the good of people worldwide.



Education, Professions and Tasks of our sisters.

Administration Education & Formation Retired Business Health Care
Students Domestic Work Social- & Pastorlal Work Other ministries
Administration They manage our religious houses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and more.
Business They acquire, sell, negotiate and conduct the necessary business in a responsible manner.
Domestic Work They are housekeepers, gardeners, craftswomen, who keep the house and garden in order. Thus enabling us to work with people.
Education and Formation They are kindergarten teachers, educators, teachers in many subjects, master craftswomen, theologians, they take care of the religious formation of the young sisters, and over the years they have given thousands of children and young people good prospects for their future..
Health Care As doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, laboratory assistants and nutritionists, they care for the sick, mothers and babies. Prevention is a major concern for them.
Social- and

As pastoral assistants and social workers, they gather people in solidarity-based communities. They organise actions and self-help groups and promote women in particular.

Retired They are involved in our everyday life according to their possibilities, they listen, give advice, are our grandmothers and strong in prayer. When in need of care, we are there for them.
Students For their challenging tasks we support our sisters in their studies, training and further education.
Other Ministries Qualified for special tasks, they work in special areas such as public relations. Sisters with a special talent take on special tasks,for example as psychologists, artists and authors.

Examples of professional Education

Sr. Rojini Kanikkaithas SDS, Sri Lanka

Professional Study:
Bachelor’s Degree on Social Work

Duration: 4 years (2020 – 2024)

Statement from the superior, outlining why the scholarship holder was selected:

Since Sr. Roji has the skill and the desire to do Social work. She wants to help the marginalized,  the youth, children and women. She has a heart for the needy and she wish to empower them and to help them to find justice and dignity  in society.

According to the situation of the society and the country we strongly feel that we need to have more knowledge and power to empower the people who are in the periphery.

Why the qualification being sought is necessary:
In the future Sr. Rojini will also be a consultant to all the sisters and all the lay leaders who are attached to the projects on community building. She will also be working all around the country as a resource person giving guidance to the sisters in their ministries.

Content of course:

Orientation to Social Welfare Organizations
Introduction to Social Work
Sociology for Social Work
Psychology for Social Work
Social Work Values and Ethics
Basic Research Methods
Basic Methods &Technique
in Social Work Practice

Costs and expenses: For 1 year (2020-2021)

  Books and handouts 35.000.00
  Other materials 25.000.00
  Transport for class 52.800.00
  Field work travelling: 10.000.00
  Food and lodging 1,20,000.00
    2,42,800.00 LKR
  Plus Laptop (once) 1,20,000.00 LKR
  Total 3,62.800,00 LKR
= 1.776 Euros



Sr. Everis Khonglah SDS, India

Professional Study:  
Graduate in Psychology

Duration: 3 Years (2020 - 2023)

Statement from the superior, outlining why the scholarship holder was selected:

Sr. Everis is keen to learn psychology and counseling. This study will help her to work as counselor which is very much wanted in day today lives of the people.

Why the qualification being sought is necessary:
The Indian region needs trained sisters in psychology and counseling who can work later in counseling centers, in various social organizations and will help to do the parish ministry effectively.

Content of course:

To learn and retain a broad base of knowledge in the various domains of Psychology in order to prepare for graduate schools in various disciplines of psychology or education.
To be able to identify basic inferential statistics, such as the t-test and the F-test, and understand how they assess reliability of results.  
To learn how to read and write empirical research reports and literature reviews in APA (American Psychological Association) style.  
To gain competence in oral presentation of theories, research, and applications of psychology, using presentation software  
To gain knowledge and skill in the use of information technology (e.g., research databases, search engines) for gathering background sources for class work, literature review assignments and empirical research projects.  
To gain competence in the use of software for writing reports, organizing and analyzing data, and for communicating ideas and data.  

Costs and expenses: For 1 year (2020-2021)

  Books and materials 40.000.00  
  Food and transport   1,21.570.00  
  Total 1,61,570.00  Rs
= 1.987 Euros


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