JESUS, the SAVIOR, assumed our human condition, offering His life in love for the salvation of all. He gave special attention to the most vulnerable who suffered unjustly, excluded and stripped of their dignity as persons created in the image of God.
He spoke out against the tyranny and hypocrisy of the leaders of His day, accepting the cross, for the sake of Justice and Truth.
We, Salvatorian women, in order to build bridges of Mercy and Justice with people throughout the world, are called to look anew at the signs of the times with a contemplative heart and critical consciousness, applied especially to our local reality.


We HEAR the cries of the unjustly treated, the displaced, the enslaved, the war-damaged, the impoverished, the marginalized, the lonely, and the despairing.

We SEE the suffering of those who lack adequate housing, education, and health care, as well as those who experience that religion has failed them.

We FEEL the pain of our ‘mother earth’ as she reacts to the abuses humanity has put upon her through indifference and exploitation.

We TASTE the acrimony from government and business aggressors as they control and manipulate human  and natural resources for their own private gain and power.

We KNOW the inequality and discrimination we experience  as women.

In TOUCHING these suffering sisters and brothers we realize anew our Salvatorian vocation is, essentially and above all, to PROCLAIM by our style of life, our speech, and our apostolic service the message of Jesus’ Reign of Love, Mercy, and Justice.

Therefore, impelled by the Mission to give an effective, prophetic answer, we will continue to reinterpret and deepen our Salvatorian charism and spirituality in order to:

free ourselves of what is not needed now and give new expressions to our apostolic witness within the local contexts where we live and serve.

better collaborate within the Salvatorian Family and with other people and organizations of goodwill — religious, secular, public and private — in building partnerships to   defend and promote the dignity of all life.

empower leadership among our members, our collaborators, youth and laity in general.

invite women from ever-widening circles — local, regional, national and international — to join our apostolic life.

provide to our members professional preparation and formation that deepens their vocational commitment at every stage of life.


Further, we will probe the causes for the disrespect of human rights and implement strategies that enable us to:

educate to prevent exploitation and enslavement of women and children and assist them in overcoming trauma.

contact migrants, refugees and other vulnerable people to empower them with resources that promote their dignity, security, and stability..

denounce the wrongs done by those in power.

proclaim gospel values in the secular realms of society.

advocate for care of the earth’s resources and assist in its healing

promote inter-religious cooperation so as to advance mutual respect
and support.

manage our material resources with trained persons so that there is transparency and just distribution of resources for our mission.

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