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Uplifting the lives of children, youth and young women in the Day Care and Home Economic Centre in Youhanabad – Diocese of Lahore/ Pakistan 
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Cebu – Philippines. Building a new Multipurpose Hall for children of the Salvatorian School and their families.
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Lupaso, District Mtwara - Tanzania. Building a new Carpentry workshop for Boys and Purchase of Sewing Machines and Tools for Tailoring Classes for Girls at Lupaso Training Centre.        
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"We want that each child and all young people have life. Life in all ways, colours and facets – so that gifts and talents are discovered and brought to light!"
Sr. Klara Berchtold SDS, Salvatorian Sisters School, Nazareth

No child should end up on the streets. Every child has talents and should receive the chance to develop them. This starts in early childhood and goes on through years of schooling, including professional training. In order that this can happen, we are here for you: in our homes for children, kindergartens and boarding schools. We support and assist children with: Salvatorian Sisters, qualified teachers, psychologists, social workers and school councillors. We help in situations where the financial means of the families are not sufficient.

We offer thousands of disadvantaged children and young people everywhere in the world an access to holistic education and training. Independent of social origin, gender or belief, all should have the possibility to live life with dignity and to participate in the future.

We give particular attention to disabled children and disabled young people with learning difficulties. But we also realize that special talents should be promoted.   

It is important for us not only to transmit knowledge to children and young people, but also Christian and universal values which determine people’s actions in the future. A community that is tolerant and open needs people who respect life and can bear it with responsibility.

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