Computer class for the primary school


The school run by the Salvatorian Sisters is located in Kolwezi, in the province of Katanga, in the southern part of Congo. The city of Kolwezi has about 418.000 inhabitants as well as relatively good infrastructure. There is a local airport and a railway connection to Lubumbashi. The city is an important centre for the mining of cobalt and uranium.

A large part of the population works under miserable conditions and for a starvation wage in the nearby mines. Many of the people are very poor in spite of work. Unfortunately, children also have to work in the mines to support their families. The precarious economic situation has, of course, a tremendous negative influence on the educational opportunities of the children and young people.

Almost 2.000 pupils attend the kindergarten as well as the primary and secondary school. 888 pupils went to primary school in the school year 2018/2019. Most of them are children from low-income families and families who are unable to pay the school fees and the purchase of school uniforms.

In this school everyone should get the same educational opportunities: Learning disabilities should be compensated by optimal support. The parents appreciate the school very much because the lessons take place regularly. The teachers are well trained and motivated, and they promote open and good cooperation of all children. There is a pleasant school climate; the children accept each other; they play and learn together.

The requests for the admission of more children increase. Not only for the undiminished influx of humans hoping to find work in the mines but also because of the parents' self-esteem. However, the school's capacity to provide the children with modern education is limited. Support to establish a computer class is needed, which should give the children a future far away from the mines, or at least a choice in their professional life.

The main beneficiaries of this project are the 888 pupils who attend primary school and subsequently all other children who can be admitted to the school.

A total of 5,450 euros is needed to equip the computer class. This amount includes technical equipment like computers, desks, photocopying machines.





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