The summercamp at the school of the Salvatorian Sisters has become a tradition and enjoys great popularity. Every year for three weeks during the holidays the school grounds will be transformed into a large sports and leisure arena. For almost everyone who takes part, it is the only holiday activity. Nowadays it is not unusual for both parents to be working and often they have little time for their children. For holidays with the family, at home or even abroad, often the family budget is not enough. In order to shorten the long holidays for the children, to provide some variety and distraction, we invite them to these holiday camps.

In total, we want to accept up to 300 children, aged between 4 and 12 years. The daily activities offer games, fun, exercise and a variety of learning experiences. Football, volleyball and basketball are very popular. Especially the sports activities strengthen the children's team spirit and self-esteem.



Skill games, archery, the climbing wall experience, but also simple games spur them on. The smaller trips are important because this way the children get out and into nature and experience something special. For example, swimming and a trip to the sea are highlights. The many volunteers, mostly older and former pupils, are the role models for the younger ones helping towards their motivation.

For the parents it is reassuring to know that their children are well looked after and busy, that they neither hang around on the street nor spend too much time in front of and with the computer.

The Summer Camp takes place daily (Monday to Friday) from 07.30 - 15.30 hrs. Beneficiaries are up to 300 children and their parents.

In total17.500 euros has to be raised from donations. This is the equivalent of 19,50 euros per child and week.

The summercamp cannot take place this year and is postponed to 2022.


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