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Based on their conviction, health is a harmonious process of physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. It is not just a matter of absence of illness, which enables people to fulfil the mission to which God has called them, according to their stage of life. This thought made the Salvatorian Sisters create the Salvatorian Center for Alternative Medicine in 2011 to respond to the needs and the lack of health care of the population.

This center is located in the province of Manica, in Vila de Messica, Diocese of Chimoio. The centre is open daily for the inhabitants of Messica. On Thursdays we offer this alternative medicine in Chimoio. On some Fridays of the month, the centre offers health care, consultations and courses in different municipalities and distant villages to teach the participants the knowledge and use of medicinal plants.

Today we have 4 employees, two for the field of medicines and medicinal plants and two for the preparation and processing of herbs (cutting, drying, packaging, etc.).

Our young members in formation, work with us 6 hours a week voluntarily, and 2 sisters are directly involved in the administration and consultations. With 4.700 euros we can support around 3.600 people.





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