Assistance for refugees from Ukraine


The sisters in Poland have been feeling it since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine - their most urgent task now is to help the refugees and support them wherever they can. Through but not only because of the geographical proximity to Western Ukraine, their efforts are directed towards the people in the surrounding area. It's about the bare essentials: distributing food, cooking hot soup, organising places to sleep. A warm blanket is a survival aid for many who have only what they could take and carry in a hurry. Lviv has become an important hub for refugees fleeing Ukraine. Trains and convoys of vehicles arrive here from all over the country to prepare for the final leg to safe Poland.

The women, children and elderly people arriving in Poland are exhausted and many are only now beginning to understand the full extent of the war and their flight. Sister Noemi of the Polish Salvatorian Sisters is deeply moved by how great the willingness to help is on the Polish-Ukrainian border. "So many families open their doors and houses to the refugees. My heart swells when I see how people spontaneously meet and start actions to help," says the superior of the Polish community of sisters.

Many helping hands and support from outside are needed to ensure that the refugees are well looked after. The Provincial House of the Salvatorian Sisters is about 200 kilometres from the border.

Immediately after the outbreak of the war, all the rooms that were not needed were prepared for the accommodation of families and old people. The refugees are not only provided with food and clothing by the sisters. They come to a place of peace and safety. The sisters listen to them and offer them help for their time in a foreign country. "We don't know yet how long this will last and how it will go on. ", says Sister Noemi.



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