Empowerment of low-income families by providing better education facilities
and programs for the students


The education in Sri Lanka is one of the priorities to obtain sustainable development following the aftermath of the civil war, especially in the north. Unfortunately, the Government is not able to set up enough educational facilities. The Government also tried to offer opportunities and to improve living conditions, but for years children did not have a reasonable education. Another reason for poor education is the inability of parents to accompany their children in the correct manner.

Other families have just too little money to support the children. Unfortunately some fathers are alcoholics or drug addicts. All families have a low or no income. Living conditions are very poor, sometimes there is not enough food or a place to sleep. Some mothers have gone abroad to raise money for the education of their children of which a few were not able to return.

The students at rural schools often do not have committed and qualified teachers. Writing materials and teaching materials are missing. A lot of students have to walk many kilometres to school. It is difficult to get a ride or a transport possibility for them.

Students with learning difficulties do not have proper and acceptable support. Due to poor health conditions of parents and students the school attendance is also not favourable. At times the natural disasters like floods and droughts hinder their health and school attendance.

Because of all these reasons, the education standard is very poor, so they have no means to receive a better education. Private lessons and schools have become a significant need today. The complexity of difficulties demands it.

About 120 children/students and even their families are beneficiaries of this project. 6.870 euros per year are needed for three years (2020-2022).




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