Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean formerly known as Ceylon. This  island is also called the pearl of the Indian Ocean. For over 2,000 years the island  was ruled by various kings and was also an important island during the colonial period. Firstly occupied by the Portuguese, followed by the Netherlands and finally by the British. The country and its population are still affected by the 30-year Civil war, which ended in 2009. The wounds are deep, and a 'normal life' is still not possible. Fear, hatred and insecurity are only slowly disappearing, while poverty and the helplessness of the people is still very prevalent. Families especially in rural areas suffer from a lack of work and prospects.


CHILAW • Education facilities for the students

Education in Sri Lanka is one of the priorities to obtain sustainable development following the aftermath of the  war, especially in the north. Unfortunately, the Government is not able to set up enough education facilities, even if they try to offer opportunities and to improve better living conditions. For years the children did not have a reasonable education.




MANDAITIVU • Building Bridges of Mercy and Justice

Mandaitivu people have been deeply affected by the 30 years of ethnic war in Sri Lanka. They were brutally and inhumanely treated by Sri Lankan security forces as well as from LTTE (Liberation Tiger Tamil Eelam). Therefore an understandable human struggle of deep-seated anger and hatred for the Army, Navy and on the whole towards the Sinhala population.




DIFFERENT AREAS • Improve living conditions of poor families

In the district Mannar/Vavunia, there are many huts and temporary shelters. Due to the war, the people were not able to carry out everyday tasks in the long run. So, they could hardly do any work or agriculture. For many years it was not possible for them to live in real houses or to imagine a future without war. They lacked the hope for a better life and for a good future.

Most families are rather large with an average of four children and are quite poor. Some mothers have gone abroad to earn money for building a house or educate the children. Some of them could not return to their families. So now the grandparents take care of the children. Some family fathers are alcoholics, others are drug addicts.




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