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Do you look for reliable collaboration in order to promote projects in the poorest regions of this earth?

SHARE GLOBAL –our mission: Towards a civilization of solidarity and love. Inspired by the gospel, encouraged by the faith of our founders and the hopes of people living in poverty, we vouch for their dignity and a better life. We promote charity and justice throughout the world.

Salvatorian presence and work has spread throughout many decades. Today there are 1,045 Salvatorian Sisters living and working on four continents and in about 30 countries worldwide.

Our Sisters are rooted in the tradition of the countries where they were born. They know the fears, concerns and hopes of the local people.  Their option is to have a simple lifestyle in an authentic way and a feeling of solidarity with the people according to the times and the culture.  By living among the people, their reliable presence creates trust.

The global network of the Congregation sustains (as far as possible) many initiatives, programs and institutions. This network is connected with the respective local church and local partners. Individual donors, groups and international partner organizations promote the network in order to continue existing projects and to welcome new challenges. 

With clear and efficient ways of communication and direct cooperation with responsible people, the Sisters and collaborators on site bring about reliable, highly qualitative and transparent projects that are implemented.


Sisters of the Divine Savior
General Superior
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Education & Formation

Health Care

Empowerment of Women & Families

Protection of Nature

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