India´s population is around 1.34 billion and more than 50% are living in poverty. Even if the economy is flourishing in some sectors, most of the people do not receive an adequate and good education, neither sufficient access to health care or water facilities. Women and girls have not the same rights as men, and often they are victims of violence and discrimination. The society of India is multicultural and colourful and so are its difficulties and problems.


ANDHRA PRADESH • Care for Transgender Persons

Transgender people, known as hijras in India, do not fit into any of the common gender concepts of male or female. Their physical sensation often does not correspond to the gender they were assigned at birth.

Discrimination and social exclusion are part of their everyday life. They struggle for acceptance and recognition because they are stigmatised in many public and private spheres of life.


VILLOONNI • Sathirthya Special School

In the 90s, the sisters discovered some hidden children with mental disabilities around the small town of Villoonni. And so, the Sathirthya Special School started, initially with three children. Today about 50 children, teenagers and adults attend the school. These pupils have severe epilepsy, Down syndrome, autism, or general learning disability. But the school helps the pupils to manifold their special abilities.




BENGALURU Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy

The project will be implemented in Kammasandra village of Bengaluru urban district of Karnataka where hundreds of IT employees are living. The workload and deadlines, poor social relationships, continuous work, etc. cause severe stress and mental distress among young IT employers. It leads to family conflicts, addiction to drug/alcoholism, affects mental growth of their children and even loss of jobs of many young people, both men and women.




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